Welcome to the Hub-of-All-Things API!

Hub-of-All-Things is a platform for a Multi-Sided Market powered by the Internet of Things.

The HAT code is publicly available on GitHub

  • About the HAT

    Learn more about the Hub of All Things, and the technology behind it.

  • The API

    Find general information about the API available on every HAT.

  • License

    The HAT API is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.


  • Raw Data I/O

    The Raw Data level provides a flexible substrate for users to import a varying range of data. This is achieved through a virtualised database.

  • Sharing and Direct Data Debits

    The HAT’s Direct Data Debit (D3) System work like a direct debit in a bank: we can decide exactly what Data to share, for how long, to whom such data may be exchanged, and what return may be offered in the exchange.

  • User Management

    There are 4 Account roles defined within the HAT.