HAT APIs were developed to exercise user managed control of your personal data. REST APIs for the HAT schema can be used by web, mobile and other clients to interact with the HAT, allowing the user to control their data and applications benefit from it. API documentation can be found at the documentation section.

We also provide convenience wrappers Hat Client Scala Play around HAT HTTP APIs and contains the most up-to-date set of typesafe HAT Data Models and Play-JSON based serializers and deserializers for them.

For those who would like to build an app to interact with HATs’ personal data, it is a matter of calling HAT APIs for data I/O. A developers’ portal [] is available for tools available, documentations[link to api doc], zero-touch onboarding HATs, Apps, and other services in a sandbox environment.

The access to data in any HAT is via data offers. Once a data offer is agreed, specified data points from a HAT will be prepared for the data shopper as data debit (all data is within one bundle of a data debit), and retrievable through an API endpoint on that HAT that has accepted the offer.

A “development” free option for organisations who don’t really want commit to any development but still interaction with customer via HATs. Organisations can become a Data Buyer to shop personal data [link to the tool to come], in a similar way one would shop at Amazon.