DEX Services

DEX Services are offered by HATDeX and enable applications to become multi-sided markets to trade data between their users and other organizations. These services therefore give HAT applications a trading platform capability:

Offer registration

HATDeX can register offers from a Trading Platform application and make registered offers available elsewhere in the ecosystem;

Offer status tracking

HATDeX can report the status of data offers made by Trading Platform applications, including which offer has been claimed or rejected by HAT Users;

Billing rules

HATDeX can facilitate cross-platform billing, such as for offers onboarded from Application A, but claimed via Application B;

Data Debit requirement registration

HATDeX can take agreed Data Offers from Data Trading Platforms, configure Data Debit on HATs, and enable the full data exchange at the HAT level;

Data transaction stats

HATDex can track the meta data of a data transaction to update the status of active offers, and it can provide other statistics to trading platforms, including the tracking of offer acceptance, and data yield quantifications;

HAT/Data Offer matching control

HATDeX can maintain a buffer layer to support the offer matching designed by a Trading Platform Application. This control layer carries targeted user data from an offer down to a HAT, and compares the user’s profile against the availability of the HAT data for the data offer. If a match exists, the control layer can display the data offer to the HAT User.