HAT Community Foundation

The HAT Community Foundation, as the non-profit regulatory body governing the HAT Foundation, has four functions – the growth, innovation, representation, and regulation of the HAT Platform. The below section elaborates on its function as a regulator.

The HCF regulates the HAT ecosystem and governs the setting of standards for apps and services that are built on the HAT. The HCF receives registrations for new services and applications built on the HAT. These include:

  1. HAT Applications (HAT single sign on)
  2. HAT Data Plugs
  3. HAT Service Providers, for the provisioning of new HATs
  4. HAT Trading Platforms, for the exchange of data between applications and HATs

HCF approves HAT applications and their Servicing Capabilities according to the HAT Ecosystem’s standards of Security, Confidentiality, Ownership, Transparency and Trust (SCOTT), as laid out in the HAT Information Policies in the HAT Code of Practice (CoP). (The reason that Privacy is not included is that while HATs are private by default, the act of sharing means giving up some of that, and therefore CONFIDENTIALITY, more than privacy, becomes the issue.

A rating follows the HAT certification process, indicating the SCOTT levels for a service that is being rolled out. This rating is also subject to HAT users’ reviews. For example, if an application offers computing and processing of personal data, held in a HAT PDMA, and provides the results of that computation directly to the user without sending any data back to the provider itself, it will obtain an A rating in the category of data confidentiality. However, if a service proposes a data exchange that transact with a user for a set of personal data but takes all of the received data back to its own server for processing, that service will obtain an E rating in the category of data confidentiality. E category applications will result in an alert to the users, even if there might be perfectly legitimate examples of E-rated data sharing applications, such HR form-filling applications, or surveys.

Once a service or product has been certified by HCF, it can then be listed on MarketSquare.