HAT’s core technology

HAT’s core technology includes a number of key functions enabling the collection and exchange of personal information, including:

Inbound APIs

Inbound API for Data Plugs, allowing them to store data into a HAT PDMA. The inbound API further informs the HAT Contextual API, and then produces an availability of data for offers. If a user decides to expose the availability of data for offers, a matching service can be enabled to provide offers, which match to the exposed preferences.

Outbound API

allowing applications to send data out from a HAT PDMA. Outbound APIs lead to the ‘Data Debit’ management of a HAT. Data Debits are the name for the transaction that occurs as a result of the acceptance of a Data Offer by a user.

HAT2HAT Service

The direct exchange data between two hats via an outbound API will form HAT2HAT services, for example, private HAT chat.

Push Notification

Outbound APIs will also enable push notifications for data exchange.


Access logging, allowing for the tracking of accessibility to a HAT.

Contextual APIs.

Instead of accessing raw data from a HAT, contextual APIs may offer higher level APIs which enable app developers to obtain direct intelligence from a user. For example, instead of exposing all calendar events for a given day, a contextual API could offer “free slots”, or “level of business”.

The above service is open sourced and HATDeX builds on baseline HAT technology for behalf of all HAT users.