What is the HAT and why build on it?

HAT, in the development sense, represents the HAT platform technology suite that facilitates personal data exchange. This includes the provisioning of the HAT Private “microserver” Data Account (PMDA) on a cloud infrastructure; a DEX (data exchange) infrastructure for data exchanges facilitating private HAT-to-HAT exchanges as well as data exchanges between HATs and organizations, with tools, apps, and services to make real time, on-demand data exchanges and data transactions possible, and the provisioning of HATs to end-users/customers. The HAT technology allow individuals to collect, visualise, control their personal data in exchange for better services (such as signing on to websites, filling in forms, viewing activities via dashboard, organising daily activities, managing social media, notes, blogs, and much more in the future). The HAT technology also has the ability for organisations to give access rights of personal data back to individuals through creating data plugs, and to offer services by accessing more and better quality personal data. If Organizations wish to provision their own HATs, they can brand their HATs in their own way, and call them anything they wish (e.g. PODs or BSafe), powered by the HAT.