The Application Programming Interface (API)

The Application Programming Interface (API) of the HAT is designed to facilitate communication between individual HATs and services that use their data using the standard JSON data format. The APIs are split into inbound, outbound and management:

  • Inbound ones are used by data sources to provide data to HATs and use the flexible data schema.
  • Outbound APIs operate with the Data Debit mechanism, where the user approves each data user with each kind of data to be retrieved. They facilitate the only method of retrieving data from a HAT.
  • Management APIs are used by the Hyperdata Browser to contextualise data, control Data Debits, authorisation, applications and other management functons.

APIs provide users with help in contextualising their data as well as suggesting to the overall ecosystem (users and applications) what data bundles would be beneficial to have and what other data sources would bring the most value when connected to the HAT.