Approve Data Debits

Approving Data Debits is something that not all the apps can do directly. This has to do with the permissions of the apps. Currently only HAT App and web Rumpel cad approve Data Debits. Due to the restrictions this guide will explain how to use the generic way of doing it, that will work on all the apps. In order to approve a Data Debit you have to open in safari, if you aren’t sure how to do it you can read here the URL below:

  • hatAddress is the (fully qualified domain) address of the HAT, e.g.
  • dataDebitID is the data debit id that you want to approve
  • appScheme is the URL where the user should be sent to after completing authentication. Optional. For an Android application that would probably be: $applicationName://success and has to be added in the AndroidManifest file of the project in Xml as data host and scheme. You can read more here
  • dataDebitHost is a string after the :// part in the app url Scheme. For example testapp://dataDebitHost. With the testapp:// Android will launch your app. With the dataDebitHost you will know that this URL is specifically for the Data Debits

The process is the same as when logging user in. Safari will open, user will have to complete their password, and then one of the 2 redirect URL will be called depending if the request was successful or has failed for some reason. The app should know how to handle both scenarios. You can read more here.