Set up Application

Setting up an application is similar to the log in process. First you have to check the kind, is it App, or DataPlug. The 2 of them are different in how you set them up:

In case of an App you first have to check if the app is already installed on user’s device. To do that you have to check with


where appURL is the iosUrl from the Application -> setup. If user has the app installed, then you have to form a URL like this:

  • hatAddress is the (fully qualified domain) address of the HAT, e.g.
  • appID is the id of the application to setup.
  • appURL is the URL where the user should be sent to after completing authentication. In this case is the iosURL
  • fallback is the URL where the user should be sent to in case the authentication has failed. Optional. For an Android application that would probably be: $applicationName://failed and has to be added in the AndroidManifest file of the project in xml as an data scheme.

As you will probably have noticed this is exactly the same URL as the login URL and there is a reason for that. The setup process goes through web. So like during the login process, user will be asked to insert their password before continuing to the next step. The next step is accepting the terms and conditions and giving the permissions the app requires to function. After that if everything went smooth HAT will redirect back to the success redirect. The redirect url will now include a parameter which is the token for the particular app. Android will ask user if they want to launch the particular app. If user selects yes then the app will be launched. If there was a problem HAT will redirect to the fallback url and you have to hide chrome and show a message that something went wrong.

In case you don’t know how to handle WebView you can read here

In case user does not have the app installed you first have to redirect them to the App Store in order for them to download the app. The URL that you have to use the url in Application -> kind. Again the only thing you have to do is open it using safari. When user has installed the app they may then tap again to set up the Application

Set up Data Plug

Setting up a Data Plug is a lot simpler than setting up an Application. You just open the url in Application -> kind with safari and follow the instructions. Again user will first have to enter the password. After that each Data Plug has a different way of asking permissions and registering with the HAT.