Each function publishes its configuration through a Lambda function handler, this section provides the details on what information is included. Note that publishing of the function is managed by the HAT Service Provider and the information will always be reviewed.


idStringunique function identifier
infoFunctionInfodefines user-visible information about the function, including any descriptions and graphics
developerApplicationDeveloperdefines function developer details
triggerFunctionTriggerwhen does the function process data
dataBundleEndpointDataBundlethe default bundle of data SHE function uses
statusFunctionStatusstatus of the function on the given HAT


versionStringversion ID of the function, in 3-digit semantic versioning format
versionReleaseDateISO8601 Date with Timethe date this version of the function was released
updateNodesApplicationUpdateNotesany update notes for the current function release
nameStringuser-readable function name
headlineStringheadline (short description) of what the function does
descriptionFormattedTextlong, formatted description of the function in plain text and optionally Markdown/HTML
termsUrlStringURL to the terms between HAT owner and the function developer
supportContactStringsupport contact details, email address
graphicsApplicationGraphicsgraphical elements to build the UI from, primarily images. Each follows the format of a “Drawable” object, which has a url to the “normal” size image as well as optional ones sized as small, large and extra-large, targeting different screen sizes
dataPreviewEndpointString, Optionalif function’s data can be previewed directly in the HAT App, HAT API endpoint designated for the preview


triggerTypeString (periodic, individual or manual)defines how the HAT should invoke the function as described below (periodically, for each individual record or manually)
periodISO8601 Period or Number (milliseconds), only with periodic typeif executing periodically, the approximate period between subsequent executions


availableBooleanwhether or not the function is currently available for use on the HAT
enabledBooleanwhether or not the function has been enabled by the HAT owner
lastExecutionISO8601 Date with Time, Optionalthe last time the function was successfully executed (not set if never)
executionStartedISO8601 Date with Time, Optionalif currently executing, time when the current execution started