Some Cool Apps

We have heard of many cool applications that could mix HAT data into other services. To name a few:

  • An automated service can provide data for websites, sharing bundles of data without users entering them again, nor will it allow the dodgy companies from hoovering up our data/cookies and reselling them.

  • A switching app that that can benchmark a bundle of HAT data against aggregate data, and suggest better service providers such as insurance, without us exposing other details and our email addresses, resulting in being bombarded with junk emails and calls

  • A supermarket app that collects shopping history, and pre-fills a shopping basket for a user, or even send us a reminder

  • A banking app that integrates online shopping details and transaction record, to provide advise better account options, or better personal finance

  • A government gateway app that collects our basic information for accessing public services, but only with our consent.

Still need more ideas? Check out what cool apps other innovators have been building.