What can you make on the HAT?

Every aspect within the ecosystem presents opportunities for innovators. The most common form is an app. Some of our existing partners are making cool apps on HAT already, for example b.heard and Noggin.


In a nutshell, it may communicate with users’ HATs, request data access to those HATs, and in exchange, making an attractive offer or providing some benefits to the hat owner. An app may consist of a few functions, and can also be built independently.

A Data Plug

A Data Plug to help bring data from other Internet services to the HAT. For example, a Facebook Data Plug that pulls facebook data into a HAT. A Data Plug brings data form other Internet services into the HAT.


A visual interface to allow users to view their own data. This could be a brand new view back-to-back with a new Data Plug, or even a brand new dashboard for HATs, so that users can grasp some ideas about new data collected in their hats. For example, B.Heard offers a view of data collected by the B.Heard plug. Or it could be some improved views for existing data, in order to help users to form better understanding of existing data sets. E.g. Web Rumpel Dashboard’s mashup view, which combines calendar events, locations, and social updates. Note: views are usually built on existing dashboards.

Data Mates

A smarter version of views. Data Mates analyse a stream of data, form intelligences from that data and suggests nudges for actions. For example, a greenspace Data Mate could help improve someone’s wellbeing by suggesting a lunchtime walk (spotted free slot from the calendar) around the user’s current location, due to the lack of time spent around greenspace within the week.

Data bots

Automated actions for data processing. A data bot usually releases HAT users from repetitive or routinely performed actions. For example, a data bot for form filling can help users to fill in forms that request known data (subject to users’ consent).