• Generic dashboard for all HAT owners
  • Open sourced, Mozilla-licensed
  • White labelled provision for HAT providers to be integrated with their own app user accounts
  • Rumpel is the control centre for the HAT owner’s personal data

The EPSRC Smart Me vs Smart Things project created RUMPEL – the private dashboard for users’ HAT data, enabling HAT owners to view and manage their personal information, whilst providing a valuable case study for the viability of the HAT’s privacy-preserving data infrastructure. It is made available as an open source programme, under Mozilla Public License.

HAT owners can use the dashboard to:

  • Customise exactly which parts of the profile are public or private
  • Visualise all the information in the HAT, including stats and notifications
  • Manage Data Plugs and track incoming data from various applications
  • View and search all locations from the point the HAT is connected to the locations Data Plug

Rumpel is also the baseline dashboard that all HAT Platform Providers have to provide. They can re-skin and change it the way they wish as long as the core functionalities of the HAT Dashboard are available to their HAT owners. Rumpel code is also contributed by CONTRIVE/HALL project by the Centre of the Digital Economy, University of Surrey and Service Systems Group, WMG, University of Warwick.

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